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You don't have to worry about what to learn and when. We'll guide you through all the content and build your vocabulary and grammar comprehension bit by bit.


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Our very unique movie is the basis of each lesson. It is both entertaining and features the realistic everyday language of China. The movie and thousands of audio recordings from different native speakers with real-life pronunciation make it easy for you to immerse yourself in the language.

Designed for Long-Term Knowledge

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Each lesson provides you with interactive exercises and quizzes for all skills (vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension). This way you can learn Chinese in a fun and playful way and keep everything you have learned in your long-term memory.

Learn What You Want at Your Own Pace

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You can either learn Mandarin Chinese from scratch or choose any topic at any time. Each lesson contains comprehensive videos explaining the vocabulary, sentences, translation, Chinese characters, grammar, and cultural context.

Support from Experts

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We won’t leave you alone with your questions. At any time, you can exchange ideas with other students and our expert Mandarin Chinese teachers on our forum.

High Quality Content

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Our system is based on research conducted at the Institute of Chinese Studies at the Free University of Berlin. You can learn as much as in 2 years of Chinese studies at a university. But with more fun and yet with the same quality!

How It Works


a Level or Topic

You can learn Chinese from scratch guided by us or choose any topic you like. Topics cover all aspects of daily life.


the Content

Explore all the new words in our lovingly animated videos and get detailed explanations for each sentence.


Our Movie

Our unique concept allows you to immerse yourself in real-life language. After going through the lessons you will understand every single word.


One Step Closer

Our specially designed exercises will help you easily memorize vocabulary, understand grammar as well as cultural aspects, and improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Why ChineseKuang

You will get unique quality and the best possible entertainment in Chinese learning with ChineseKuang, as we are the only platform that offers you a way to learn to speak real-life language based on an educational, feature-length movie.

Our learning content has been developed by Chinese language experts from the Institute of Chinese Studies at the Free University of Berlin in cooperation with experts of education, online learning, and movie production.

We at ChineseKuang are professional Chinese teachers with decades of experience, and we’re experts in Chinese culture. Furthermore, our learning system is based on research results. With us you can be sure that you will learn at the highest level of quality, in a playful way, and with lots of variety and fun. Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, and the number of Mandarin learners in western countries is rapidly increasing. Take the opportunity to learn practical language with ChineseKuang through high quality content.

At ChineseKuang, you can either learn Mandarin Chinese according to a set curriculum, or you can choose lessons based on topics you prefer. All our lessons deal with everyday topics and are self-contained, so they can be learned separately from each other. As experts in the Chinese language and culture, we know that a certain structure is essential for learning so that you can really immerse yourself in the language and use it in everyday life. In developing ChineseKuang, we have created the optimal synthesis between free-form learning and structured learning so that in the long run you will have excellent results and memorize what you have learned.

We have developed a unique system to train your listening comprehension that works throughout the lessons. It is based on listening and repeating, but it does not exclude other skills such as reading. Unfortunately, as adults we cannot learn like children. It may sound nice: “natural process of language acquisition”. But from a child’s point of view, language acquisition is actually enormously challenging and frustrating, and it takes a long time – even though children spend 24 hours a day on it. Adults have already developed skills that greatly assist language learning. The important thing for a good learning system is to address those skills in the best possible way as we do at ChinesKuang.

ChineseKuang gives you the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese from the beginning without any previous knowledge. As an advanced learner you can also get directly into topics of interest to you. Using our tools such as the dictionary, vocabulary lists, explanatory videos, playful exercises, and much more, you can easily get started.

For beginners, we have developed the so-called Basics Lesson that introduces you to the Basic knowledge. You will learn the pronunciation, what the sounds mean and how to distinguish between them, how the characters are composed in general, and how the Pinyin transcription works.

By the way, there is a consensus in foreign language studies that after childhood, learning to pronounce a foreign language at the level of a native speaker is virtually impossible due to various factors. Of course, there are exceptions, but you don’t need to put any pressure on yourself because an accent is perfectly normal and nothing bad at all. It does not mean that you have not learned the language well.

ChineseKuang has a discussion board where you can exchange ideas with other learners at any time. You can also contact our Chinese teachers directly through our teacher’s board. So you can be sure that you will always get answers to your questions. You will never have to worry if you don’t understand something. We are always there for you.

For us at ChineseKuang teaching Chinese is not just a profession, it is our passion. We consider the teaching of Mandarin Chinese and the teaching of Chinese culture as our mission in life. This means that the development of ChineseKuang is driven by the full power of passion in teaching Mandarin Chinese.

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