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About Course

In this Basics lesson you get to know all the basic knowledge about the Chinese language so that you can work through our lessons easily. If you like, you can go very deep into the single sections or just fly over them and go directly to the lessons. Just according to your needs.

Course Content

How to Pronounce Chinese Words
Main Topics: (1) The relation between phonetic syllables, characters and words | (2) How the Chinese phonetic transcription pinyin works

  • Introduction
  • The Relationship between Syllables, Characters, and Words
  • Pinyin – The Latin Transcription for Chinese Characters

How the Chinese Tones Work
Main Topics: (1) What is meant by the "tones" of a tonal language | (2) How the Chinese tones are pronounced

PinyinPinyin – The Phonetic Transcription
Main Topics: (1) Chinese syllables are constructed | (2) How to pronounce the initials and finals of the pinyin phonetic transcription

How to write Chinese characters
Main Topics: (1): What types of strokes make up Chinese characters | (2) In what order the strokes are written

And Some More Important Aspects

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